Picture of Brandi Burkett

I think I was born with the words “and the greatest of these is love” written on my soul. I have always believed that loving someone and being loved in return is the most beautiful part of being alive.

I am a third generation photographer and have been shooting weddings for eight years. I adore weddings.  I love everything about them; all of the pretty things, the kissing, the cake! Most of all, I love watching two people make a simple promise to love each other forever.  Together they make a safe harbor where love, family and hope will anchor.  There isn’t anything in the world more beautiful to witness.

I also love that every wedding is different and that each couple represents the opportunity to make new friends and see relationship anew. People love in so many incredible ways!  When I look back at my body of work, I am always humbled and grateful that so many couples have chosen to share their lives and their hearts with me.

In the interest of sharing, here are five things you should know if we’re going to hang out:

1) I photoshop my nose in pictures. Always. No matter what. And, also maybe some other things…. Try not to be alarmed when we meet in person :)

2) The opening credits to Star Wars have given me goosebumps every-single-time I’ve ever watched it. Don’t judge. You have secrets…

3) Those terrible jewelery-commercial proposals…and pretty much all other proposals ever…make me cry like a baby.

4) I read books to my children in a British accent.

5) Everything is my favorite. You’ll understand soon, just wait until your first session….

So….If you’d like the chance to see my real nose or be my favorite fill out the contact form and expect an email reply typed in a British accent :)