Yep, I’m so all-caught-uppy that I’m posting a sneak peek of the season’s first wedding!  Meet Amber and Cody!  Their gorgeous wedding was held at The Barn at Hickory Creek Ranch in Crockett. The cotton….I die!

Amber is a photographer and shooting for her has literally changed my life, haha!  She is the kindest person and she loves everything I send her and showers me with praise that makes me feel 100 feet tall!  I’ve actually had LOTS of brides like this recently and I can’t say enough how much I love all of you! <3  I need to post some of the amazing cards and emails they’ve sent me so you guys can feel good too haha!

Thank you lovlies, from the very bottom of my heart!

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This is my littlest sister Katie.  I admire this lovely girl in so many ways!  She’s intelligent, creative, self possessed and of course absolutely beautiful.  Sadly, there is no “I’ll do your work first” hook up for my poor family!  I just flew home to celebrate E’s first birthday and decided I’d better process her maternity session before I left :)  I’ll be processing and blogging all the new pics we took at our mini family reunion over Spring Break sometime in 2025 haha!

Love you Katie and Jeff.  Thanks again for making us an Everett to love too!

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