Hi Thursday! How about a little blog post from the archives to get you through the last hour of your workday!

I have so many beautiful weddings I never got around to publishing and I thought it would be lovely to post one every once in a while! You all know by now that I’m absolute garbage at maintaining a committed relationship with my blog, so I’m taking the pressure off of us by saying “every once in a while”. That way, if as per usual, I never again blog something pretty from the archives, I won’t have let either of us down.

Ivy and Jason’s gorgeous, can-we-really-call-this-a-backyard wedding was held in a barn that was constructed on Jason’s family land, specifically to host their fete. Everything was awash in velvety ivory flowers, GOLD SEQUIN and fragrant greenery. I think Ashley at La Bella Blooms may have used a magic wand on the florals, they were that perfect. And let’s talk about the love that was happening in the midst of all that glory… Simply put, Ivy cried off an eyelash during the ceremony. THAT is good stuff people. Enjoy this look back at the first day of Jason and Ivy’s forever.
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Maggi and Ben are two of the sweetest humans I’ve ever met. I just knew they’d be lovely to shoot and wonderful to work with and they proved me right over and over again. About an hour into our day, the mother of all storms rolled right over the top of our beautiful venue and decided to stay awhile. During our entire first look, the thunder was crashing so loudly that we had to plug our ears and the lightening was so near it made your vision go white for a split second when it struck. It was truly the most terrifying storm I’ve ever been outside in. We were in a covered pavilion yes, but that is still very much outside my friends! Despite mother nature putting her fury on full display, Maggi and Ben remained as calm and joyful as if the sun was shining and a chorus of little birdies were singing us along our way. I was really, really impressed. The pressure to have a perfect wedding is always there nipping at a couple’s heels on their wedding day, but Maggi and Ben were having none of it. Maggi literally just shrugged and said, “I like the rain!” Like seriously, who are you guys :)

Please enjoy a peek inside their beautiful, heartfelt wedding at The Grand Ivory with florals by Moss, where the flowers are indeed, always fair.

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There are few places I enjoy shooting at as much as the Dallas Arboretum. There are so many little corners to explore and it does such a good job of being exactly what I need it to be for each session! I also don’t hate that it affords me the opportunity to hang my mom cap up for a bit, get a lovely coffee and listen to an audio book for the ninety minutes it takes me to get there. All good things, just like Maggi’s beautiful bridal session. Enjoy!

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I had to post a sneak peek of this sweet wedding even though I’m still editing! I love, love, love everything Emily did with Tyler’s newest venue, The Folmar. Photographically speaking, it is one of the best venues in our area! I can’t wait to get their wedding blogged, because it is one of the prettiest of my career!

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